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Taking and showing care towards the needs of people. Being meticulous in all actions by being accurate and precise.


Always finding the simplest and clearest solution. Applying useful and effective solutions to achieve the best results.


Working together to develop people and businesses. Generating and maintaining value by forward-looking practices.

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The accounting company Riihos Estonia OÜ was founded in October 2021.

We are a subsidiary of the Finnish company Riihos Oy in Estonia. We founded the Finnish company in January 2021.

Riihos is focused on new entrepreneurs and already operating micro and small businesses.

Riihos aims to automate its accounting processes as much as possible to be even closer to its customers.
Riihos has a separate customer service department to communicate with customers and deal with customer inquiries.
Riihos employs 7 IT developers who make Riihos ‘work more efficient and make customers’ lives easier.

Riihos is the first accounting company in Estonia with its own app. Through the app, customers can send their monthly accounting documents directly to our system easily, quickly and conveniently.

In Estonia monthly accounting service is using more than 80 companies in this short period of time, and this number is growing every week and month.

We are very happy that we have been trusted by so many new entrepreneurs in such a short time.

In the first year of operation in Finland, more than 200 companies have chosen a Finnish company as their monthly cooperation partner, and in Finland this number is growing every week and month.

Riihos’ own employees believe in the growth and development of Riihos, as well as external investors who have had the opportunity to buy shares in this company.

Riihos’ plan is to go to the Finnish stock exchange in 2027.

In Riihos, Estonia and Riihos in Finland are run by people who have run the collection company SPT.
The collection company SPT was founded in 2008 in Finland and in 2014 it expanded to Estonia.
SPT was also targeted at micro and small customers only.
Due to that we have 14 years of experience in serving micro and small customers.

In 2018, SPT was sold to Axactor, one of the largest collection companies in Europe, for 2.75 million euros, and by that time SPT had 23,000 customers and 22 employees.

This confirms that the Riihos company is managed consciously by experienced people.

If you also believe in Riihos and want to cooperate with Riihos, write to us about myyk@riihos.ee or call +372 52 70 199.

Riihos family!