Monthly accounting service for a newly established or existing SME company

Riihos monthly bookkeeping service

70% of new companies fail in the first 3 years of operation and often this comes from lack of knowledge of taxes and business laws.

Don’t be that one who fails with business and keep your company’s financial in order from the beginning!

Why have so many entrepreneurs chosen Riihos as their accounting partner?

  • Free customer support for our monthly customers Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. – gives you the opportunity to contact our customer service directly with your business accounting questions. When starting a business, there are often many questions and unknowns at the beginning, but our friendly customer care will help you out with that questions and unknowns.
  • Free app for our monthly customers for paper accounting document delivery – a few clicks with the phone and the checks are already in our system.
  • A company based on Finnish capital, which plans to go to the Finnish stock exchange in 2028, and a strong and knowledgeable management for 18 years in advance – gives you a sense of security that we also handle your company’s finances consciously and diligently with a long-term cooperation in mind.
  • A company based on IT developments – old accounting practices and patterns are keeping up with the times, and this can also become an obstacle to the growth and development of your business. At Riihos, we continuously automate several of our business processes and create new exciting solutions for our clients.
  • In our short time of operation, our monthly accounting service is already used by more than 100 regular customers from 70 different fields of activity – thanks to such a wide customer base, we have experience with accounting in different fields of activity.

If you feel that you would like to cooperate with Riihos, please send your inquiry here under “Ask for more information” or call +372 52 70 199.

Success in your business!

Monthly bookkeeping activities

Customer care and support

App for document delivery

49,90 €/ Month

Can we tell you more?

Clients from us:


”As a foreign citizen doing business in Tallinn I must say that it has been a pleasant and streamlined experience cooperating with Riihos.

I have received assistance via email anytime I’ve required help and for more complex queries they have quickly offered me their time in the form of a phone call.

I have no doubt that I will work with Riihos for the foreseeable future!”