Monthly accounting service for a newly established or existing SME company

Riihos bookkeeping service

The most common problem when working with new entrepreneurs on a daily basis is the confusion between personal and corporate wallets and the lack of proper accounting documents.

The company’s money is used for personal expenses and the result is extra unexpected payments. The proper document that is missing in the accounts will be taxed 20%.

That is why it is extremely important to keep your company’s monthly accounts in order and under control from the moment you start your business, even if you do not use the help of a professional accountant on a monthly basis.

More than 80 companies already use Riihos’ monthly accounting service. Most of them are new entrepreneurs, but there are also a number of new entrepreneurs who are dissatisfied with their former accounts.

But what makes Riihos’ accounting service so special that the number of new clients is growing so fast?

What is “Why” for Riihos?

Our people, our employees – customer communication and being in contact with the customer, for which we have a separate customer service department. Customers are contacted directly on a daily basis by our customer service representative, who responds to current incoming inquiries and calls.

Nowadays, accounting can be automated a lot, processes can be automated. In other words, all this data entry can be made at least partially automatically, which we have already done and are currently doing. We employ 7 IT developers who help create new opportunities in accounting side and automate processes. With the aim of making accounting simple and convenient for our clients.

It gives us the opportunity to be even closer to our customers, to communicate with our customers, to discuss with our customers. This is what is sorely lacking in today’s society – direct communication.

In addition, we have created an app for our contractual customers. Via this app you can easily scan and send us your accounting documents to our system. 

If you feel that you would like to cooperate with Riihos, please send your inquiry here under “Ask for more information” or call +372 52 70 199.

Success in your business!

Monthly bookkeeping activities

Customer care and support

Document archiving

49,90 €/ Month

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